What are the most energetic breeds of dogs

When buying a dog should consider the type of relationship that is intended to have and the amount of free time to be devoted. Active people who won’t even exercise with your pet will have to opt for stronger breeds dogs.

Among the most dynamic dogs, there are a variety of sizes and characters. In fact, a dog has good physical stamina does not necessarily mean that it is a hunting breed.

These animals are characterized by a higher resistance and demand high doses of play and exercise. These needs involve greater reliance owners, as well as larger homes that promote their welfare.

Other factors, such as the presence of children or living in rural or urban settings, can also help to choose the right can fall within breeds of dogs stronger.

Active dogs for all profiles

Even though all require high doses of activity, character, and the need for each exercise are very different.

Besides hunting dogs, some of the strongest canes are:

  • Siberian Husky. His great strength and speed when running it one of the sled dogs par excellence. It requires good training: it can act as a watchdog given its independence, intelligence, and continuous alertness. Despite being friendly acquaintances, it tends to keep his distance, so it is preferable in homes without children or other pets.
  • Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. Both races share morphological and behavioral attributes that lead them to be ideal sheepdogs. They are energetic, intelligent, loyal, and affectionate, and strong demand for activity causes bad fit small apartments. They are perfect for those owners who, besides wanting exercising with your pet, be prepared to stimulate with mental and physical games.
  • Bóxer. This breed is known for its energy and stamina, but his athletic requires high doses of exercise. They need good early training to enhance their more outgoing and caring side, even with the smallest of the house. The Boxer, as well as be among the breeds of dogs energetic, stands out for its intelligence, patience, and loyal character.
  • Dalmatian. Dog traditionally used as transport is able to perform long runs without getting tired. His extroverted and playful behavior makes it ideal for families with children. In addition, intelligence, whenever trained, can lead you to excel in obedience competitions skill or tricks.

Stronger breeds dogs for small apartments

Although the space and the daily need for large doses of exercise are two requirements for active dogs, there are some exceptions:

  • Parson Russell Terrier. Although having a small size, strongly built and active, and intelligent character makes it a strong race. He loves to run outdoors and mental games, plus get along with children. Demand daily exercise, but always according to their size.
  • Miniature Pinscher. Its small dimensions are offset by its strong, energetic character. They need good training so that their nervousness and dominance do not pose a handicap for the owners. They are ideal for tight spaces and preferably without children or pets.

Exercise and emotional dedication are vital conditions for the welfare of pets. However, those breeds of dogs stronger demand more time with their owners for physiological issues; They need constant physical and mental stimulation.

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