Spirulina health of dogs: 5 Benefits

The benefits of spirulina health of dogs are more contrasted, and that helps prevent disease.

Knowing the properties that have spirulina health of dogs is necessary to decide whether to introduce it in your diet or not. In this article, we will see what the main benefits you enjoy your dog with this food supplement also it is natural are.

Spirulina is a seaweed spiral-shaped with a striking bluish-green. It is able to live in both freshwater and saltwater, but what I need is a good amount of sunshine, thanks to which grow very quickly.

Five benefits of spirulina health of dogs

Today is not sold as we can find in the water, it dehydrates and sold in powder form, more comfortable to use in day to day and easy to dissolve in any liquid. These are the five most important benefits of spirulina:

It facilitates digestion

The type of feeding our pets, it is not surprising that suffer specific problems in the digestive system. Take spirulina regularly prevents the occurrence of fungi and bacteria, which accumulate in the intestine- and improves the immune system thanks to chlorophyll, a natural cleanser.

In addition, the nutrients themselves containing these algae are easily absorbed, which makes the intestinal transit of the animal work less for their food.

Anti Inflammatory

Another of the many properties that provide spirulina health of dogs is that it is anti-inflammatory. Phycocyanin present in spirulina is a great anti-inflammatory and reduces pain, so it comes in handy in situations where the dog suffers from some ailment or has been operated.

Also is a natural remedy for arthritis, a condition that older dogs suffer greatly and greatly improves their daily lives. In any case, it does not have the drawbacks of an artificial anti-inflammatory, such as damage caused in the liver of the animal.

Nutritional supplement first

To provide optimal feeding your pet, ideally incorporate spirulina to their diet, as provides a plus protein, minerals, vitamins, fiber, and a host of components that improve the health of the animal.

Its use is stronger even if the animal is emerging from malnutrition, a disease that has lost weight or has no appetite because, with very little, you get to give you the energy you need.

Protects the liver

Thanks to the presence of chlorophyll and phycocyanin, the benefits of spirulina health of dogs make organs like the liver function better and better eliminate toxins.

Another thank organ is the kidney since its antioxidant helps the body better remove toxins from the blood, resulting in better health and delays aging animals.

Prevents cancer

One of the diseases that less cure is in our pets is cancer, so do everything possible to avoid it never hurts. It has been shown that spirulina has properties that prevent the occurrence of this dreaded disease, specifically phycocyanin.

This prevents the development of cancer cells and promotes the growth of T cells responsible for destroying these malignant cells. Also, if your dog has cancer and is receiving radiation treatments in which tissues deteriorate much, spirulina is responsible for promoting regeneration of these damaged areas.

the appropriate dose of spirulina health of dogs

Spirulina daily amount needed to bring all these benefits to our pet is very small, as it is highly concentrated, although t e recommends that you buy eco-industrial rather than prevent unwanted substances in their composition.

Specifically, the required dose is 1/8 teaspoon per 5 kg weight, and ideally, that starts with a smaller amount for the body of the animal, especially the digestive system, which fits the spirulina. And, if all goes well, you can begin to introduce it into your diet in the recommended amounts.

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