Spirulina health of dogs: 5 Benefits


The benefits of spirulina health of dogs are more contrasted, and that helps prevent disease. Knowing the properties that have spirulina health of dogs is necessary to decide whether to introduce it in your diet or not. In this article, we will see what the main benefits you enjoy your dog with this food supplement […]

Health benefits of red beet dogs


There are plenty of foods that are cooked and properly administered, are great allies of the health of our pets. Some vegetables are highly beneficial for your dog, such as red beets. Do not miss what comes next if you want to know how it benefits your pet. Curiosities of red beets This plant is […]

Can dogs eat lentils?


Dogs can eat lentils as part of your diet, which does not exceed the recommended amount and is the basis of their diet. Lentils belong to the legume family known, part of our agriculture from the Neolithic period. For its many properties, lentils are a source of protein that can eat dogs. Properties lentils High […]

Symptoms of food poisoning in dogs


One of the most common problems that are faced by veterinarians is food poisoning in dogs usually produced because your pet has ingested food spoiled or contaminated. Sometimes the urge to eat some dogs leads them to get to the mouth of the most colorful things without being aware that they can make you sick […]

Diseases associated with dog food


Clearly, food and health go hand in hand. So be sure that we are giving our proper pet diet is vital. Not have this certainty can bring consequences and, therefore, we talked about food for dogs and their relation to certain diseases. Dog Food: spoiled for choice Speaking of pet diet, we mean much more […]

Benefits elevated dog dish: myth or reality?


In the market, we can find many different bowls for our pets. Some are design, simple, anti voracidad, and so on. Furthermore, the material they are made can vary glass, wood, metal, plastic, clay … We also found a high dog dish. There is a high dispute to which is the best feeder for dogs. […]

Specific diets for dogs with kidney disease


While a diet must always be balanced, in cases of dogs suffering from kidney disease should pay particular attention. As is the case with us, our pet’s diet should be tailored to their needs and characteristics. This means that when suffering from any medical condition, your diet must be as tight as possible to this. […]