The first signs of mange in dogs


Avoid contact with stray animals and maintain proper hygiene are key factors to prevent disease. Scabies is one of the most widespread parasitic dermatosis geographically and is affecting a variety of mammals, including humans lies. Although cases of scabies in domestic dogs are getting smaller, you should know the symptoms of a possible infection. Scabies, […]

6 errors when brushing the teeth of dogs: how to avoid them?


Teeth with cavities, sore gums, and bad breath are just normal or acceptable for dogs than for people. Rigor is the accent mark that canine dental problems should never be something that the owners accept or ignore. It is known that brush the dogs’ teeth properly, and does it regularly can prevent health problems arise. […]

Malassezia dermatitis in dogs


The fungus is known as Malassezia in dogs, although living skin usually can cause various disorders. The disease of which we speak today is peculiar because it is caused by a microorganism that lives on the skin regularly. When specific changes occur, Malassezia in dogs becomes a fungal pathogen, causing dermatitis and other disorders. The […]

Psoriasis in dogs: what to do?


Did you know that, like humans, dogs can also suffer from psoriasis? Psoriasis dogs work the same way in humans. The skin is the first line of defense in the body of animals. This contains many elements to protect epidermal and immune components. The reaction of these elements allows the skin to maintain homeostasis or […]

Hemangiosarcoma in dogs: Causes and Symptoms


Hemangiosarcoma in dogs is a relatively common serious disease in this species and little or nothing usual in others, like the cat. Although, equally, cats can suffer hemangiosarcoma. This article will talk about hemangiosarcoma in dogs, also known as canine angiosarcoma. We explain what is, what causes it, and what symptoms suffered a dog with […]

Immunizing Colloidal Silver Uses for dogs?


Colloidal silver is a silver compound that has been used in medicine in previous decades. Items such as silver and gold are used since ancient times not only for its economic value but also for its potential healing properties. The use of silver has spread in its many forms, and colloidal silver is one of […]

Eye infections in dogs


Ocular infections in dogs can be produced by many organisms. Also, they are derived from other systemic diseases with the ocular condition. The eye is a very complex and sensitive organ. To small changes inside or outside the body can be damaged easily. The eye health of our pet should be maintained through daily cleaning […]