Benefits elevated dog dish: myth or reality?

In the market, we can find many different bowls for our pets. Some are design, simple, anti voracidad, and so on. Furthermore, the material they are made can vary glass, wood, metal, plastic, clay … We also found a high dog dish.

There is a high dispute to which is the best feeder for dogs. Finally, it is the tutor who usually chooses the bowl considered best for the needs of your pet.

In this situation, many owners opt for the large dog dish. Do you think this is the best choice to feed your pet? You’d have it!

How they eat dogs

Anatomically, all breeds of dogs and their common ancestor, the wolf ( Canis lupus ), have the larynx and esophagus designed and prepared to swallow food while looking down.

If we think of a domestic dog or any of their wild relatives when devour prey lying on the ground, so that they do remain on four legs, and kept his head bowed.

Thus, the muscles of the head and neck can exert enough force to tear the flesh. Furthermore, by keeping the head in this position, the epiglottis is blocked, which prevents the passage of food into the respiratory apparatus. In fact, when a gavage is performed on a dog, to feed when it does not itself, the head must bend down and thus will direct the probe to the esophagus.

Do high dishes for dogs are good?

An elevated dog feeder does not have to be a bad choice. The height should be fair to allow the can to eat in a natural position.

If the feeder is too high, the dog will not eat properly and can result in problems arising. These drawbacks can be the loss of muscle tone of the neck and head, problems swallowing, choking, etc.

What is the best way to feed a dog

First, the best way to feed a dog is one that’s provided to the tutor because it is the one that offers food and should find it comfortable. However, we must always think about the needs of the dog, because through food and the way in which it is offered food can result in behavioral problems such as low self – esteem and lack of self – control.

Time to feed our furry, we should use it to work their emotional state, develop a smell, and improve the link. To achieve this, the first thing to rule out is any type of bowl. The food should be offered, so that poses a challenge for our pets.

We must realize, at least 40 minutes a day, working with the dog smell every day. An example would be hard plastic stacking cups with a little feed or other food appetizing inside. So, the dog must use your nose and legs to get out of the feed.

Another method is to spread think about the garden, terrace, or ground floor. The dog should spend some time looking granites and smite mentally. That is the kind of fatigue that more exhausted. This strategy is best for dogs that go very excited to walk.

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