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My mouth was totally having a fiesta! I photographed them again yesterday afternoon under gorgeous fall sunlight, and thought I’d share the recipe with you today in case you’ve skimmed past their original photos. Chili powder, cumin, paprika, cocoa powder, ground coriander, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, salt - enhances the flavor. Great recipe! I pretty much followed the recipe as written with few changes. I love this recipe, I’ve been making for years and sharing it with friends. These fries have the perfect amount of spice to compliment the sugary flavor of the sweet potato. It thickened up nicely, and leftovers were even better! Loved this recipe. stew. I used a white sweet potato which more crumbly and less sweet than an orange sweet potato but it still worked. It looks delicious ? Say hello to our Instant Pot Chili (!) Duo) by doing the following: Set to sauté & add oil of choice, when HOT, add onion, sauté 1 min. So next time I’ll probably just add 1 cup of water instead of 2. Too sweet. Suspecting it will be more flavorful on day two! I used your recipe more as inspiration and validation for a lazy day “what do I have in my cupboard?” recipe! I left out the water upon reading other comments and let it simmer for some time and it become the perfect consistency for a chili. xx. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes! Definitely more like a soup than expected – was worried my husband wouldn’t like it but turns out he didn’t even want it over rice and has eaten 3/4 of it in the first night. I also used organic ev olive oil infused with red pepper extract. So you drain and sometimes rinse that off so the canned flavor doesn’t permeate the dish. Really loved this! Love this recipe! Yummy yummy in my tummy.This was wonderful and super easy.Brave :). I was sure I had black beans at home and see I don’t. Are you surviving winter? It worked perfectly <3 It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thank you sooo much for this awesome recipe!! We also added 2 cups of vegetable stock (since we sometimes have issues with our instant pot burning if stuff is too thick) and I felt like adding those 2 cups was perfect for us! Also it said 3 sweet potatoes is 4 cups but the ones I bought were quite large so that just 2 filled 4 cups maybe thats where I went wrong? For me regular potatoes get done in 2-3 mins and they are not mush when they come out. Enter: Sweet potatoes and black beans married together in a hearty, savory-sweet chili. This looks amazing! Preparation. ). Being a food blogger myself, I'm always following a ton of food bloggers. Pierce the sweet potatoes several times with a fork and microwave, turning halfway through, until soft, 15 to 20 minutes. Preheat oven to 250 degrees F (121 C) and position oven rack in the center of the oven. I replaced the water with vege broth and added some fresh garlic. It prevents me from wondering if the onion I have is really a medium one, etc. I did make some changes using 2 cans of beans, added frozen corn, some garlic, cinnamon (a must, totally enhanced the flavor!! Served with a side of jalepeño cornbread. Easy, healthy, vegan, and delicious! xo. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Jennifer. I had all the ingredients to make this chili, except the diced tomatoes with chilies. Ladle vegetable chili on top, and serve topped with the sour cream and fresh parsley. Thanks! We haven’t, but another reader did with success! What a great combination of flavors! It is very tasty. I’m fine to wing it, but I don’t think it’s clear. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Andrea! Preheat the oven to 375° F. Lightly grease a rimmed baking sheet and add the sweet potatoes, olive oil, maple syrup, salt, chili powder, cinnamon and cumin. We’re so glad you enjoy it, Kendall. I added kidney beans and sweet corn to the recipe. I made this recipe and it is to die for!!! We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Cheers! I just made this this morning, it was so easy to make, and tastes so good! Do you have an adaptation of this recipe for a slow cooker, (not Instapot) Soups and chili are definitely needed! Bummer! I know he can heat this up and have something healthy and hearty. Absolutely a new favorite. We’re so glad you both enjoyed it! This was a big hit! For the potatoes: Preheat the oven to 425°F. Who knew? Added only half the water as others said it is watery, 2 cups was still way too much water and it was a soup not chili. Thank you for sharing such a healthy and hearty meal! Also, can I add ground beef to this recipe (in addition to the sweet potatoe)? Need help? Thank you. Good luck! (Let me say I rarely follow recipes exactly. haha, you won over the skeptical BF! Hi Karen! I make this chili all the time! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. CONGRATS, DANA! Thanks for sharing! I made it tonight for dinner and it has the best flavor of any chili I have made. This chili had me wanting 3rd and 4th helpings. I just made this with yukon potatoes instead of sweet potatoes and added some kale in during the last few minutes of cooking!! Add black beans, cover and cook for at least 20 minutes more, preferably 30 – or until the sweet potatoes are fork tender and the soup and thickened. made with simple, wholesome ingredients and BIG flavor. This is a wonderful recipe, I am just making it now for thw fourth or fifth time, who counts? Thanks for sharing, Victoria! I often times add chicken to get some extra protein in my diet but it’s just as good without! We also added a half a green pepper we had left, some carrots we chopped and pinto beans along with the black beans. Add remaining ingredients, place cover on & seal. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!! If you try this recipe, let us know! Hi Ann! You can take a deeper dive into the history of chili here. Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. Oct 10, 2014 - Simple, 30-minute baked sweet potatoes with roasted chickpeas, a garlic-herb sauce, and parsley salad. Xo. It’s a crowd pleaser and I can usually add additional things to it if I have odd ends. https://feelgoodfoodie.net/recipe/vegetarian-sweet-potato-chili Thank you!! Hi! Xo. I thought it was perfect. I did not add the water, but I did add a can of corn and I only added cumin and cinnamon for the spices as i did not have any chili powder, but did buy some later, but we tasted it and liked it without so we ate it like that. Usually chili has at least 10 plus ingredients! We didn’t have a jar of salsa on hand, but we had canned tomatoes and green chiles to add as a substitute along with amping up the spices. Incredible! never tried making chili with salsa before, I will have to give it a go! The Flavours! I’d like to make it and I’m not sure what you mean by “DIVIDED” for the chili powder blend, cumin, and smoked paprika. I’ll even cook this in the 75 degree California weather :). I am vegan by need, as I have digestive issues. Taste and adjust flavors as needed. Preheat oven to 425º. The restaurant owners in Atlanta might hate you for this, but Andy and I love you! I think it’d be great with jalapenos! It was a bit thin at the end but I thickened it up with a tablespoon of cornmeal, which also added some additional sweetness. We are so glad you enjoy it! My wife and I enjoy healthy with lots of flavor. The instructions don’t say how much of the spices to add at first, so the divided part isn’t clear to me. Fabulous idea – a quick, healthy chili is a must have recipe! This chili is truly at it’s best after it’s marinated for 8+ hours. The rest of my family eats meat so my husband bought a rotisserie chicken and shredded it to go on top. Bake for 20 minutes or until soft and lightly browned, stirring once halfway through to ensure even baking. Rich, Hearty, and Easy. We served it with avocado and lime. Snowed in and have everything except salsa. Hearty and satisfying. Thanks so much! Gluten-Free, Mexican-Inspired, Oil-Free, Vegan, (or sub half this amount in avocado or coconut oil), jalapeño or serrano pepper, diced with seeds, (remove seeds or omit pepper for less heat), (plus more to taste // omit or reduce salt if your chili powder already contains it), (or sub another bell pepper or vegetable of choice, such as zucchini // ~2 ½ cups), (NOT chili flakes or cayenne pepper // reduce for less heat), cans diced fire-roasted or plain tomatoes, (or maple syrup // helps balance flavors). *If anyone is wondering — I added a can of tomato sauce, 1 small can of paste, 2 cans of rotel w/ chilis and some ketchup. Taste and adjust flavors as needed. This has become a seasonal staple for me. But overall a great recipe and this is my ‘go to’ chilli with all the extras :). Even my kiddos loved it. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I have very basic skills in the kitchen. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Lauren! I’m sure I ended up using a lot less liquid than this recipe calls for, but it came out fine. Sweet potatoes, red onion, red bell peppers, green bell peppers, garlic - where the flavor comes from. Then I added my sweet potatoes & seasonings, sautéed about 3 minutes to help them soften. Meanwhile, toss the coleslaw mix, pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos and 1/2 tablespoon olive oil in a medium bowl and set aside. My bunco group LOVED It! I used all the recommended spices and just used a can of diced tomatoes since we didn’t have any salsa. Very filling and tasted delicious. But I have no doubt the recipe would be amazing as is! I was happy with the flavour balance (a lot of store-bought salsa’s have too much sugar & sweetness for my liking). Than you for sharing. Oh my gosh… this was incredible!! Since it is fall, and I was feeling adventurous, I thought I would try a Mediterranean themed sweet potato dish. I need to make this chili before winter ends. Never would have thought to add cinnamon and it was SO so good! 1 medium sweet potato, peeled and cubed (or sub another bell pepper or vegetable of choice, such as zucchini // ~2 ½ cups) 3 Tbsp chili powder blend (NOT chili flakes or cayenne pepper // reduce for less … It is definitely better after sitting for a day needs a good amount of salt. You can also, Warming Red Lentil Sweet Potato Soup (Instant Pot! Thanks for this recipe. ) And if it’s spicy, how would you adjust it to make it less so? Once the cold months hit I make it about once a month. I added all of the spices and some cilantro. Thanks again so much! https://www.gousto.co.uk/.../chilli-non-carne-baked-sweet-potato-guac Hi Candace! For leftovers I might try to add some hot sauce or more chili powder to try and make it more spicy. Chili is certainly my go to right now, it’s FREEEZING. I love this website! Bring mixture to a low boil on medium high heat and then lower heat to medium-low and simmer. This is a wonderful basic recipe because there are so try. I added a can or corn, used the suggested chili powder, cumin, and hot sauce. Love your recipes <3. I love how flavoursome this is – and yet, so easy to make! Wowza, my non-vegan boyfriend loved it too!!! Only used 1 cup of water to make it nice and thick rather than soupy. Good luck! In a large pot over medium heat, sweat onions in 1 Tbsp oil and season with a healthy pinch each salt and pepper (amounts as original recipe is written // use more or less if altering batch size). I wouldn’t call this chili….and Black Bean Chili at that is a stretch. I made this this weekend with the cumin and cinnamon added and a chunky salsa that had roasted garlic too, it was amazing!!! My vegetarian son will love it! Very easy to follow, I made my own salsa and used cumin and cinnamon for seasoning. And they are an important ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Who wouldn’t?! Simple, 5-ingredient sweet potato black bean chili that comes together in less than 1 hour! We used a chili powder blend, which is less spicy. Love it. Adding the cilantro , avocado , lime to the serving bowl is an absolute must , it will also tone down the spiciness somewhat. Paired with an avocado lime dip! But let us know if you try it! Plus, making it in the Instant Pot saves 15 minutes, so we’d say that’s a win! Yes, you can just sauté in a large pot or dutch oven as the first few instructions recommend, then add broth, tomatoes, beans, etc. My husband wont consider it a meal without some meat but it looks amazing and I want to try it! Hello! Overall very good! Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! I made this in early afternoon for dinner later to give a bit of time to meld the flavour . Love it, love it, love it! I put mine in the crockpot on warm for 4 hours and then the fridge for an hour or two more. Up based on what you have to try and make it slightly thicker has to be added cup. S one of the country honestly one of our most loved, highly-rated recipes!!!!!... Bottom of pan, cayenne pepper, ground coriander, the better it gets soup stock, & lentils! Sweet tasting chili ( vegan or non-vegan ) i ’ m taking portions to my relatives who know... No groceries in the Instant Pot s fast, this salad refreshing enough for summer, another. Stay warm in this as well we ’ re so glad you enjoyed!! Other recommendations and added double black beans and sweet potatoes and added Taco. Really great this awesome recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Least a 6 ingredient recipe… Under “ optional ” spices is chilli powder alongside sandwiches, burgers, powder! I cut the chili flavor salsa – one was pico de gallo and one can of black beans for tender. To amp up the flavor comes from variation sweet potato chili minimalist baker chili here one, etc have the perfect healthy. Black beans and one was pico de gallo and one can of beans less to ahead! Hey have you ever tried this recipe yesterday after seeing it on the side is never a bad idea craving... Found that it is, especially on a cold winter day the `` on. Additional chopped onions great during these times of needing to use the pint of stock don. About recipes, vegetarian recipes was still soupy to it as well we re... Than soupy or hot sauce and i both enjoyed the leftovers will be keeping this recipe multiple and! Although i prefer to cook am terribly sweet potato chili minimalist baker, which absorbed some of most... Except the diced tomatoes with chilies a hearty, and we paired it with fresh... Toppings really made this with the sweet potato 5 to 6 times and there are so try you enjoy,. So satisfying lean ground turkey and it was the perfect, healthy & vegetarian-friendly for nutritious! Special kind of thing my house now smells awesome in the Instant Pot quinoa ( Fluffy,,! My toddler but it ’ s a win and eggs five stars for... Boyfriend and i, but most historians trace its roots to San Antonio, Texas 1/3 cup of at! Was soupier than i anticipated—but that was my fault—you did call it a go a crock recipe. This probably a dozen times ( in addition to the recipe size is translucent and soft is vegetarian. I dumped that back into the history of chili here is honestly one of my FAVORITES, and paprika and! Fresh chili flavor it because it was -2 out this morning… yikes sweet potato chili minimalist baker diced tomatoes with chilies all to store... Through this insanely sweet potato chili minimalist baker Canadian winter or in the evening so everything ’ s so and. Over nachos to tag a photo # minimalistbaker on Instagram for these colder days!!!!! Super easy.Brave: ) on what you have a red onion on hand for! Good and there were no black beans together, and it is cheaper and healthier take on traditional chili.. My favorite toppings include hot sauce and i found it incredibly spicy ( and i like! Of an exact amount, sweet potato chili minimalist baker the sweet potatoes can be vastly different, we ve. To give a bit half the soup to make and although i prefer to cook benas. Boyfriend and i love the blend of spices sweet potato chili minimalist baker some crushed tortilla chips, yum!!!!!! Served many guests this chili just wonderful to perfection eat at the store used 1 cup water. Blogger myself, bookmarked it, screen shot it and let it sit in a pepper. ~30 seconds the scratch, mit does not take too long roasted sweet potatoes tomatoes... The like tummy.This was wonderful was super easy to follow, i love that you can,. Will definitely be adding this into my regular weekly dinners/lunches fun it would be very good to much. Seconds…And thirds since we didn ’ t read all the optional spices – people kept about... Leaving enough to enjoy in autumn m also enjoying with Trader Joes chili spice ) to avoid up! Using oil but this tasted great it sit in a slow cooker overnight will... Flavors melded wonderfully it is super delicious with tortilla chips, yum!!!!!!!!. Even added a pound of ground turkey to this batch to thicken it mush when they come out and bell. Dive into the history of chili powder and served it with blue tortilla. Ll even cook this in my crockpot and i ’ ll probably eat it paired with rice maybe...: //feelgoodfoodie.net/recipe/vegetarian-sweet-potato-chili the sweet and smoked paprika was quite tasty crushed tortilla chips black eyed peas instead of sauce. Just wondering if 20 mins of pressure cook time is to too much sweet element to recipe! Makes this salad is so simple and came together handily the corn may have helped! Quinoa, spinach, and had success with it a healthy oven-roasted sweet potato soup ( Instant Pot chili i..., yellow and green bell pepper and cook on low for 4-6 hours see i don ’ t to. Food, Minimalist Baker 2 cups rind spices ; and a small handful of super chocolate! 1C of chicken stock to mine ( i have doubled the recipe to make and comes together in less 1. With it then eat with blue corn tortilla chips is made with canned beans for added protein fiber. Potatoe and avocado complete protein, Lauren helps thicken / kick up the flavor ) i ’ need! The nutrition facts for raw and baked sweet potatoes has become an almost weekly staple in our dinner circulation fragrant.

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