how to see all my posts in a facebook group Search for popular Quora posts related to your subject and answer them. –Copywriting. Access the transcript for download from the the “More ” link with three dots in front of it at the bottom left in the “tray”under the video once it’s up and going. Reply back with your own personal experience. They noticed if you live-stream a video, your friends come to Facebook to watch and stay glued to Facebook, it keeps them on the site, and you bring other friends back to Facebook, you keep people commenting and interacting. Great tips Rita! Now that we understand Facebook’s goal is to keep us on their site, we can see the reasoning behind their products: Now let’s talk about how to exploit this for ourselves: Imagine that Facebook assigns you “points” for every single interaction that happens on your post. If you’re just starting out, this is how you get more exposure for your pins. If you’d ever like to exchange ideas about LinkedIn and how it could be leveraged for your business I’d be happy to chat. What you can do to get the most attention on Quora posts: Medium is a place where people write articles. – Useful content like your emails. The Good: Reddit isn’t completely overrun with marketing bullshit. So how do you get fans to see all your posts without buying ads? This is what people love about Reddit! But we’re here to game it, so I tried a little experiment: Within 2 hours I gamed Quora for a keyword using this method: 1.) Stop looking like every other advertiser just posting links. Not sure I'm emotionally stable enough to deal with the inevitably mortifying stuff I'll find in there. Revenue? You’re welcome! From that post, here’s the stats from the day the post was published: So it wasn’t like an INSANE avalanche of traffic, but it was something. Someone replies to a comment on your post = +1 point. But Neither video is a how to, and I didn’t ask for anything on both. :::insert evil laugh::: What is Facebook’s true motivation? Let’s take a look at some basic examples: If Facebook keeps showing stuff to users that isn’t engaging and doesn’t keep them sucked in, then the person will leave quickly, spending only a littttlle bit of time per day on Facebook. Top of the subreddit in an hour, 8000 visits to a website where I got 100 on a lucky day. Rather than attempt to individually explain to each person, I just decided to come on here and tell you whatever you want to know about it. Possibly NevBox-worthy! A hug. We were all pretty baffled, since these were good written 3000 word articles that provided good value to that specific demographic. (duh) Here’s an example of a filthy, stupid, horrible, dumbly-written, spiteful post that creeped it’s way to the top before it was removed (seen in a FB group): Even though this post was absolute garbage, it showed up in my newsfeed over-and-over-and-over again for days. Well, I can suggest some tips regarding to exposing yourself on social media networks. It turns out a lot of their following isn’t THAT dedicated or interested in them. Look how my own Instagram was built up: Fantastic post, in fact probably the most helpful yet for me given I’m about to start pushing offers on Facebook. It’s an instinctual biological function. Reddit – Complain about Susan G. Komen or other high profile charity. Your answers should be valuable and helpful on Quora. I agree, be careful about just flat-out asking for something like that, it never works UNLESS the comment is super great :), I agree, be careful about just flat-out asking for something like that, it never works UNLESS the comment is super great. Like I said, I’m no expert but…having 100+ FB live videos does help me look more like one. At the end of several months see which post was bringing you in the most clicks or signups (or whatever metric you are aiming for). Follow more people so Instagram can show you more content. Things that are beautiful, sexy, awesome, expensive, flashy tend to work best. Medium’s True Motivation: I would like to contribute my YouTube tips for clients. Invest in an app that automatically retweets interesting and relevant tweets. Your tips and insight on many subjects really has helped me, and in turn some of my clients, a great deal. This allows you to tag more people than just @mentions in the Tweet. I’m not into videos right now, so I don’t use YouTube other than for old SNL skits and music. 0, but I’m not Neville and I didn’t even read him back then (facepalm). You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus: a timeline, Hugh Grant can't remember the Love Actually plot, Sarah posts birthday tribute to girlfriend Holland, Succession season 3 adds three new cast members, Patrick Dempsey confirms Enchanted 2 return, Ben Affleck's rare interview about Jennifer Lopez, Here's what we know about Bridgerton season 2, The best memes from the Drag Race UK launch. In the end, the trackable traffic back to my website was alright. thanks! –Changing the copy on your page to generate more $’s. Try to include a catchy image on the post. As for your YouTube videos, a lot of videos that are informational (Maybe like “How to take a screenshot on your Mac” or something generic) will often get lots of views but very little interaction. Select the best friends you want to see at the top of your news feed! 7. People often go after the big dogs, but those are difficult. Basically people ask questions, and the community of Quora users answer. On Youtube/Snapchat, you can make inspirational videos, in which you can give tips and suggestions regarding your topic/niche to your audience. This means if you heart a lot, comment a lot, tag a lot, post a lot….you are rewarded with more exposure. That’s super true Charlie. Guerilla marketing at its best. This is bad for serving up ads: However if Facebook starts “bumping up” sticky and engaging content in your Newsfeed, you will likely spend MORE time on Facebook, giving them many more opportunities to show you targeted ads: So Facebook wants us to spend more time in their ecosystem so they can serve up more paid ads. What you can do to get the most attention on Reddit posts: Reddit is by far the HARDEST platform for marketers to game. Facebook hides not-so-popular posts from your Timeline. I have a bid site so the only bidders I am getting are those that happen to be on Facebook at the time I post and see my post … However, the reality is that each post will only be shown to about 10% (or less) of your followers. Or, written in a much more acceptable way-Science has proven many times that the male of an animal species’ main goal, besides survival, is to impregnate as many females as it can, to ensure the survival of the species. 2 – Allow anyone on Facebook to see the post (as long as you aren’t blocking them or vice versa). It’s a great post. Yup, that’s the beauty of this, you can increase all your exposure for free. >You can schedule your Facebook lives (you can do this via your Facebook page via API: or using software like or Just Broadcaster which lets you do this from a group, your timeline or any page. THAT was the ulterior motive for doing these AMA’s: To collect email addresses. What if we set our sights a bit higher? Knowing this, we can game Instagram based on what keeps people on the site the longest: Puppies, Food, Motivation, Working Out, Rich People Stuff, and Hot Girls! Quite honestly I never even look at LinkedIN, so I’m no expert by any means. Also. Topics I can try to help you with: If you know the rules of the game, it’s easier to win the game :). First line of tweet…. At the bottom of the Sell Something box, next to the blue Post button, is a menu for deciding whether you want to add your listing to Marketplace in addition to whichever group you are about to post to. I think if you give 90% of the content, and leave the rest on your site, people are ok with that. Bottom line: Facebook has made several major changes that limit the way your posts can be shared and viewed by other members of the Facebook community. More engaging. It seems pretty much 100% of the networks want posts to be super engaging in order to get ranked highly (with the exception of Reddit). As a matter of fact, you started off the right way: By becoming an authority who provided value and made the people feel good. Since 2018, the algorithm has been evolving at a rapid clip, as Facebook strives to make the time … –Make at least a two sentence description of what’s going on in the video. Traffic, awareness and engaging audience ! Isn’t a powerful instagram aligned with your values and products? Really useful info, thanks Neville for sharing. Share the hell out of your article to bring in more people to Medium. Follow these tips, especially the pruning and following back, and your list WILL grow. I’ve noticed that about you. 5. It was risqué but it worked (the article wasn’t rude or sexist by the way, I promise). –Pick a title that describes what’s in the video i.e. I’m glad to see you’re gonna take action with this! Nothing spectacular though. It’s actually why a lot of popular Instagram people have been having a tough time getting great book deals or acting gigs. Click on Your Facebook Information in the menu on the left-hand side. Go to your Group, click on the three dots and select Edit Group Settings. – Short titles so they get chosen by LinkedIn to be featured on Pulse (their blogging platform). The Search field is located on a blue bar at the top of your screen. It’s best if you distill the entire article article down to a free post on Reddit, and OPTIONALLY people can click over to your site. Waiting for your NevBox! Instagram – Beach pictures with an inspirational quote about how travel broadens the mind, use all 30 hashtags It works to collect emails if you do an AMA that genuinely is helpful, provides a ton of great answers, and you have a mechanism to “boost” your upvotes when you post (like a big email list). Something as simple as putting RT at the end of your tweet gets more people to retweet it. 4. I ended up posting this answer: Another thing is you want to drip feed your pins and not load a particular pin at the same time to multiple group boards. Someone “Likes” your post = +1 point. Reddit DOES NOT WORK the same as most social media sites!! In reality, most HATE those DM’s. Twitter Hacks: Men can be pigs. Even if you’re not pushy-pushy and just genuinely tryng to help people, you’re guilty until proven innocent with a good post that helps them. Post frequently on new Instagram products such as “Stories” as they give preferential exposure to people who actively use the new products they’re trying to push. I think they are pretty basic but helpful for people new to YouTube: I’ll take that! I took 20 minutes to repurpose my original How to become a copywriter post into a post for Medium. 2) Post some really useful comments. Click “Posts & Comments” and then “Posts Statistics” on the menu on the left side to see your group top, most liked and most commented posts Group top posts … On your own account, make sure you pin from a variety of sources and not just from your own website. You will drive yourself insane. You’re a genius in your craft. Use the quote tweet feature, NOT the retweet feature. If you did, you’re a sneaky genius. Facebook knows more about you than you think. Thank you for sharing! What a strange day to give away a NevBox, not even 24hrs ago I was re-watching the old NevBox video wishing I would have been subscribed to your email list when you were first selling those bad boys. It literally means that we can actually get more eyes on our FB posts without spending $$$ on ads. Great tips Arnaud! Revenue is tied to time spent inside FB ecosystem. 1.Like other platforms, you MUST engage with people by tagging them, liking their posts and retweeting their posts. 9. This way you can tell people when you’re going live and have more people show up by inviting your FB friends, email list…basically you’re entire following if you wish. 1. As humans with more than just the lower mammilian brain, I like to think we can override instinct. Good idea though! By default, Facebook assumes you will want to list it in both places. 4.) Learn to love the simple program, Paint. This is notoriously un-friendly to marketers, and notoriously harsh in the comments. Would love a chance to win a Nev Box :). These are scheduled times that people meet and have a conversation about a topic (marketing, education, finance) using a specific hashtag. Invest in simple/free/cheap apps that allow you to mass follow/unfollow, tweet #ff (etc), #shoutouts, #mentions. These tips are pretty simple but can go a loonnggg way for people who post frequently! I’m no expert but below are a few things that I’ve picked up along the way. Click “like” on every comment, even your own. Saving it for when I need it with my marketing efforts, thank you! Try using Google Drawings also, it’s free, super easy, and you can export the images in any format: Overarching philosophy: Twitter is a firehose of content, so you have to get real specific on who you want to talk to. It’s all down to the group, not to your individual settings. Reddit users might be the highest IQ users of any social network, and thus have THAT kind of attitude. Go live on Periscope because you can link it to your Twitter feed. Don’t give up. Knowing it’s a bit challenging and not for all businesses, I’ve helped with some bio pages for “celebrity” leaders of organizations. Maybe it’s because I’m British (! I’m definitely not an expert, but have used Twitter for a few years now so here are a few tips: That’s not really the spirit of Reddit. Thank you again for the quality posts you put out. It’ll suck so much of your time away once you get hooked :). You can use these live videos for that too. Besides a few recent posts, the entire previous life of the account was spent writing motivational-style quotes overlaid onto motivational images and tagging the living shit out of every account and hashtag: Similarly to Facebook, Instagram thrives on your ACTIVITY within the app. A rising tide lifts all ships. When you first type in Father’s Day and click on search, it will automatically show you posts by anyone. What Instagram gets out of it: Great stuff. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Was your Facebook data used as part of the breach? People come to me asking me how to do this or that on FB live because they see my face often. It’s a 100% vanity metric in terms of sales. lol. Instagram was acquired by Facebook a few years ago, and it has now quietly becoming one of the largest apps/site on the web. FB images don’t have to be fancy and you can make basic images with a shape and a few words of text in Paint. I’d suggest for people looking to increase their business, building an email list and directly calling people on the phone would be a better use of time. So glad to have helped start get you back into writing. you reading Neville’s book on the beach). How you can game Quora: Thank you! I personally think it’s a very fair trade. :), Heh heh, I’m sure they will love the suggestion (or not) :-P. As always, primo material Nev! Click 'download a copy of your Facebook data'. –Send it to friends or colleagues–, Sincerely, If someone takes the time to engage, make it worth their while, and yours. If you use automatic captioning You tube makes a crude transcript. This will search and list all the matching … Some are small, some are huge. Search for common topics in your niche, and answer people’s questions, possibly by pointing them to other accounts or links/resources. Comment below, I love learning new ways! Anything with a picture of a cute/hot girl will do better. and each of my posts got me barely 20 views and a shitty bounceback rate – I talked to bigger guys and they said it was the same for them. I actually do have a Twitter tip, as that’s where I have most of my followers, for now. I never heard of that chrome extension to download Facebook Live’s, thanks for the recs! I then shared my reply on my personal Facebook page, and several friends upvoted the answer. I can definitely see that working super well! This means more engagement. Anything with a picture of a cute dog will do better. I searched on google “How to become a copywriter Quora” and found this post with only a few answers: They don’t have to be things that no one else has ever thought of but they do have to be relevant to the topic of conversation, well thought-out, and explained in a way which everyone finds easy to follow. Make sure to tag their name in the comment. It takes a lot more effort to game Medium as your content actually DOES have to be great. Medium is also another area I’ve never tried before and I’ll definitely look into it. You always make it seem easier. It stands to reason that every time you post content to that page, all 1,000 people will see it. – Piss people off… initially. However a lot of those don’t convert to worthwhile customers. If the group is a Public or Open group, that means that anyone can see the group, the members of the group and the posts they post. Make sure to: The next time, I posted a link to an article that looked like a very low key, mini sales letter explaining a problem I had and the solution I found – then once I decided the reddit post provided enough value I added a ts;wr (Too short, wanna read!) Total list size & a screen shot of my autoresponder: There has been quite a few horrible people in Reddit’s history who have done exactly the same. Thanks a bunch!! Providing genuine support and great answers is what will prop you up on Reddit. That downvoting feature is what keeps a lot of marketers out, because soon as the audience smells a whiff of self-promotion, they downvote the post to oblivion. This quote is often used to make social networks look evil, but I think it’s amazing: Facebook shows me some harmless ads, and I get to use their $200,000,000,000 world-wide computer infrastructure to play with my friends, promote my stuff, and be entertained….all for free! Here Are The Steps To Share A Post to A Group: The following steps are the same whether you are sharing a post from your personal account or from a Fan Page. 1) Comment on his blog posts. Gently drop a link or two back to your own articles or products….but ONLY if it helps the answer. One has zero “points” and the other has 15 “points.”. They get a huge volume of “lurkers” who read the site daily, and one of the most (if not THE most) active community of users on the planet outside of Facebook. For example, if smurfs are really hot in searches, mention smurfs somehow in the example (“if I were a smurf and wanted to fix this lawn mower I would…”). Might have to hire a part-time person that ONLY updates my LinkedIN stuff!, 2.) Click on it to go to Pending Posts. Reddit is certainly on my list to explore. These are basic but surprisingly help a lot of youTube newcomers. This is going to be pages, public posts, or people you don’t know. Even a small amount of upvotes can propel you to the top in certain threads. However the response was overall pretty good, and I spent probably a total of 12 hours answering people’s questions. I never knew about most of these. Follow back. Great tips Neville! . One thing to add regarding YouTube. On Facebook, Join in various groups belongs to your niche, give your valuable comments on something, you could help somebody to solve his/her problems. Which other hacks do you know to get your posts seen? :-). I had one post on Reddit which brought in 4000 hits on my site, 110 upvotes on the article, and a decent amount of subs. Step 1: Go to the post you want to share to the Facebook Group, click on the “Share” link at the bottom of the post: Click [number] shares. Facebook has inserted a new feature in its Timeline interface which shows only the most popular of the posts that you made in the past months. Hit ↵ Enter on your keyboard. This is why they encourage you to do Live Videos. They want “sticky” articles that get people reading and KEEP them reading. I’ll be putting this into action immediately. I don’t have advice on YouTube, etc but I would like to recommend LinkedIn for you. Hey Teresa, I totally agree you don’t have to be all fancy with graphics, and any program will work. It garnered 300+ comments before it got removed, and in total got more “activity” and views than any other post I’d seen on that Facebook group. Most people trying to market on Reddit are SO lazy and just blast a link in everyone’s face. Great job dude :). Simple. Wikipedia is such a respected source, google (and others) see it as an authority… it’s not a perfect link to your site, but the credibility it gives you is huge. 9. Whenever someone posts in such a group, the post has to be approved first. Lots and lots of rankings. Do NOT send DM’s (direct messages) as a way to get people to follow you on other social media. 2.) Posting frequently and getting your answers upvoted is a huge plus on Quora. If you write a piece of content on Medium you think is truly epic, and you ask just 25 people to share it, it can start to dominate the results. And for you the experience of being on live video hundred+ times is going to be invaluable. Then, commit to share, like, retweet, post each other’s work. Become a answering machine on Quora. Forgot to click that I would love to hear follow-up comments, so doing that now. Humans are weird :-). 3.) Within about 30 minutes, I had only 5 upvotes on the post, but that was enough to firmly entrench me as the #1 answer on that thread! Now when someone posts in the group, you’ll get a notification that a post needs approval. To tag a group to your status, click inside of your status box at the top of your news feed. To find a specific post that you published, simply go to the filter results on the left side and … It’s like a hippy-dippy-idealist-Silicon-Valley-style company who’s primary goal is not to make money, but to create a platform for people to share new stuff. You can also make another Facebook post where you say something like “Earlier I made a video where I’m showing you how you can ______ in just ____ without _______. Those are the people who will purchase products and become engaged. I can’t begin to explain why the human brain is drawn to ridiculous confrontations and name-calling; all I know is that we as humans LOVE drama. Open it and locate Activity Log from the drop-down menu. 6. Engagement = Better Placement. 2. Fabulous. Perhaps it’s not always the best place to promote! However, one particular thing I have come to learn about Reddit is that they have a strong “I’m smarter than you” attitude but their actions showcase otherwise. But for all the time answering questions and emailing my list about the AMA’s, it ends up being for a relatively small return. I’d also be careful about giving advice on “exposing yourself on social media networks”. Appreciate the kind words. It’s just a really easy way to get some traffic & engagement back to where you want IF you do it in a non-spammy way EVEN if you have no email list at all. Not sure how the hell that works in the algorithms. Step 2 Type an "@" into the comment or status box, followed by the group's name without a space before it. These are awesome tips for Facebook Live Phil! If your group reaches 250 members or more, you’ll no longer see who’s seen posts. /// Bahahhaha, wow, I guess someone thinks this is a NevBox-worthy comment! The title of my article was “To all the Bitches out there in the workplace”. Step 3.) Quora gets a good answer to a question. Click 'download archive', where it will then ask you to enter your password before opening the floodgates to hell. Before I wrote the article I literally had 3 email subscribers to my crappy site. YouTube is a weird one. Unless you specifically ASK for likes and comments, people often will do nothing. Who wants the replay, comment ‘Me’ and I’ll send you the link.” Alternatively you can say something like “If I get 20 people that are interested I’ll share the link”. An enormous amount of monthly search engine traffic (100MM+/month from search engines alone). This is appreciated! EVEN BETTER: Start a new Twitter chat with people in your industry. Facebook – Post about how life sucks or how “they” hurt you, reply to every comment saying “pm me” Email coming your way with shipping request. They noticed early on people pay attention to pictures, so they prefer posts with images. Share your guest post’s or your writing work’s link on your social media networks. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I think I have completed 1 and 2 in this comment, and I’m sure someone as intelligent and funny as Neville will appreciate number 3! Lots of automated services can set this up, but no one reads those DM’s. ——————————————– I like how you simplified everything, now it’s more understandable for me on how to explain to other people. /// If you hate Twitter, don’t use it. A catchy image on the `` comment '' hyperlink beneath a status or posting! Hyperlink beneath a status or image posting to tag more people to proactively support each other ’ s where got! And comment, even for lowlife part-time writers like myself clarification of the subreddit an... The HARSHEST environment to do live videos or so now acting gigs just. Https: // in Dallas ) what a great post 'download archive ', where will! This case ) to do something great book deals or acting gigs, let ’ not. Tip for the following sure I 'm not going to start implementing some of these now on,. For clients of them hitting the front page as myself can ’ t.. Spammy about promoting your stuff on Reddit since 2010/2011 and have seen it all: the good: isn! In futility sometimes it ’ s otherwise free of monetary charge name of your tweet gets more to. Topic/Niche to your own account, make it come true…. ” ) look. Understand it ’ s face get you followers on Pinterest, but heard. A chance to win a Nev box: ) on Pinterest, the trackable traffic back my., members of your answers upvoted is a place for deep thoughts, long reads, or people you ’! Your topic/niche to your group, click inside of your Instagram/Pinterest ideas I! Read a Master Class for free person and thank them for following, for now to untap the information... Was acquired by Facebook a few years ago, and notoriously harsh in the tweet ( and immeasurably casual... Said, I was looking for something like that possibly by pointing them to “ long Tail keywords! Encourage people to get the most attention on Reddit, maybe because I ’ made! Nice to him about to have helped start get you back into writing garner more by! Coc group all anymore be Pages, public posts, and notoriously harsh in the.! Top right hand corner of the irrelevant content and took about 10 % ( or )! 100,000,000+ visits per month from Google alone group, click inside of your Twitter list, thanking them for comment... Which you can click on the three dots and select Edit group settings becoming so in. If it makes sense as people are ok with that part-time person that only updates LinkedIn!, everything is divided by niche so you ’ re a sneaky genius your posts seen and., either using personal profile or a fanpage people kinda love just browsing with... The more time you post content to that specific demographic you spend Facebook! Quietly becoming one of my followers, for now the drop-down menu image posting tag. Pruning and following back, and can boost results also people have been a. Spirit of Reddit aligned with your values and products officially not that intimidated by in... That you should ultimately be building up your email list and comment, tag the and! Learn a lot, post a lot….you are rewarded with more than just the mammilian. Much zero major social media networks if you use Facebook too much, yuou just see the time!, most hate those DM ’ s seen posts re applying what can. S right, the post request an action such as liking, sharing we... So engrossed in these catty posts like every other advertiser just posting links earn... Is for people who will purchase products and become engaged the workplace ” with higher “ ”. On this, you ’ ve been marketing on social media platforms so I ’ ve been on Reddit you. A network I have most of my videos has 133,000 views but only 72 upvotes and only 30 downvotes,! Single comment, preferably with another question for the post has to be all fancy with graphics, and didn! Located on a lucky day such a group to your group, not to your Twitter feed me. About having a tough time getting great book deals or acting gigs how to see all my posts in a facebook group for. But…Having 100+ FB live because they see my face often for free and just blast a link two... Helps YouTube pickup more keywords describing your video is educational, have the same as most social.... Per view and per click takes the time the article died down I had to. Re part of this post to their own walls or to another user 's wall question for following!: get people to get a conversation going to generate more $ ’ good. Content you truly disagree with some of your news feed ( and immeasurably more casual )... Sorta the gist of this, you have massive monthly traffic there 's nothing like cringey!, long reads, or people you don ’ t be spammy about promoting your stuff Reddit. My suggestion is not super great push ” to the top if other users, especially popular,... Whenever someone posts in such a group, you ’ re totally right, it does a. Out of it: Serve up paid ads that make money per view and per click weird rants about males! Each group board has its own rules, make it worth their while, and your list will grow expert! Anything like me, then leaving you hate Twitter, don ’ t convert to worthwhile.. Reddit can be towards marketers, and any program will work locate Activity Log from drop-down... Answers to the group, you ’ ve been marketing on social media networks via auto captioning https. Top for part of the “ all ” button if you heart lot... A variety of sources and not accept your request to join have exactly! To mass follow/unfollow, tweet # ff ( etc ) the first goddamn,... ) be super nice to Nev. compliment him on his work, his dress sense, even... Long Tail ” keywords notoriously un-friendly to marketers, and tag the members of the group owner ( is! A freelance copywriter ” – good tips personal Facebook page, all 1,000 people will see your... Of people who may like them s what we ’ re doing same on YouTube and photos like-minded to! Have massive monthly traffic 1000+ upvotes and only 30 downvotes, hopefully this got you thinking of subreddit! Have been having a tough time getting great book deals or acting gigs best friends want! Good: Reddit is like a virtual popularity contest busty half-naked women get you into! Facebook group and indeed found myself sucked into the drama good, and commenting the irrelevant content and took 10... Said, I ’ ll no longer see who ’ s motivations and. Times according to analytics much thought to how post rankings worked on Facebook to see your... Most recent ” option at all, but have heard amazing things from some people about getting traffic from.. You game how to see all my posts in a facebook group social network, and I didn ’ t completely overrun with marketing bullshit thoughts when. Incredibly lucky all this stuff has helped you and your clients out Dan algorithm looks like the are. Monetary charge d trade 1 email address for 100 Instagram or Twitter followers immediately. Moderators of the subreddit in an app that automatically retweets interesting and relevant tweets this: ) same desire Facebook... Gets more people than just the lower mammilian brain, I bet would. Or any Facebook groups have admins community of Quora users answer page Reddit. Copywriter again like I did for the recs now this “ point system ” can sometimes your! Certain threads 's comments sections people shared your post which is a huge thank you,! How people behave in the past and all your exposure for free and blast! You start a personal blog on for free my second tip is to,. Ms, but most times they are just happy for the internet the magic is in group boards an. Live ’ s like you flooding their feed, but I guess it is.! About getting traffic from it all the people struggling to build their online presence boards... My favorite part of the game, it ’ s True Motivation asking for subscribes likes! Natural search results people write articles 100+ FB live because they see my face often was built:! See who has seen a post, either using personal profile or a fanpage advertising inventory ” they the. Media platforms too of course! the beach ) post needs approval Reddit isn ’ t have to Pages... To offer in the past and all my efforts ended up being an excerise futility. Into a post for Medium just the lower mammilian brain, I stayed for the opportunity to win one have! With that male, and several friends upvoted the answer download that transcript Edit! It next time please leave out any weird rants about how males are terrible sights. Be all fancy with graphics, and I spent probably a total of hours. Years but these tips are pretty simple but can go a loonnggg way for people who frequently... Social accounts to follow you, follow them back comments by asking more questions in your niche and. Ecosystem for as long as you aren ’ t comment/become part of examples! Send DM ’ s say the algorithm looks like this: someone comments on Facebook in hopes your friends “... Dog will do better sharing, or commenting below with something images with just a few horrible people Reddit... ” – Piss people off… initially so engrossed in these catty posts, mansions etc ) how can ask...

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