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Genomics isn’t a panacea that will offer answers to all questions. Sheep in modern…, Krinkhout Stud: Damara Sheep, Northern Cape Lob-Eared Speckled Goats (Kaapse Skilderbokke) Groblersdal and Marble Hall, in Limpopo. They are a 'hair sheep,' growing only a short woolly coat in the winter, which is shed in the spring. The Damara stud was founded in 2006. In particular, it is renown for being one of the highest milk producing sheep in the world.. Awassi sheep originated in the Syro-Arabian desert. Damara Sheep. They start mating at just a few months of age, and quadruplets are not uncommon. The world record litter size for sheep is held by a Romanov ewe that bore nine lambs (most sheep have one or two). Global warming and lifestyle farming will push this breed and its composites into the future. We are happy where possible to meet intending purchaser's requirements, but recommend any early enquiries. This girl is a favourite of mine because of her easy going nature and friendly temperament. No shearing, no crutching, no tailing, and resistant to fly strike. They were largely unknown until in the late 1950s and early '60s, when they came to the attention of South African researchers. An association for the breed named as ‘The Swaledale Sheep Breeders Association‘ was founded in 1919. There are also Damara Sheep and Kalahari Red Goats. Some of the other old sheep breeds in South Africa are Damara sheep, Pedi, Black Persian sheep, and Zulu sheep. Also Wiltshire x Wiltipol rams. The sheep should be symmetrical and well-proportioned. Has the ability to store fat in its tail and uses it as a backup energy source during dry periods. She will follow me round like a puppy dog. Beautiful corn /lucerne hay fed animals with good temperament and self shedding. do nothing to improve the damara frame – they tend to be tall and rangy like greyhounds. And the association is an active organization point for Swaledale sales, shows, breeding and products. South African / Namibian Sheep Description: A fat tail sheep with varying colours, either solid colour or patchy. They have a strong flocking instinct, which makes for ease of handling. No shearing, no crutching, no tailing, and resistant to fly strike. They are what what is known as a 'fat-tail' variety of sheep, but are probably better described as being 'fat-rumped.' Both of these are indigenous to South Africa and Namibia. Credited to its history is this breed’s ability to lamb throughout the year and also to thrive in the arid and semidesert conditions of southern Namibia [ 5 ]. Damaras are now widely found in South Africa, where in the short time they have been farmed, they have gained an enormous popularity. Romanovs are astoundingly prolific breeders. If your sheep look unwell, aren’t eating are scouring or exhibiting odd behaviour, talk to your vet. Carcass size of these animals is usually smaller than that of the meat sheep breeds. Sheep die very quickly, so speed is essential in treating the sick sheep. More information Damara Sheep ~ the fat-tailed variety. Rocky Mountain bighorn rams have massive horns that weigh more than all of the bones in their bodies. This ancient Russian sheep does grow a coat of wool, though it is naturally shed in the summer. However, currently there are approximately 1200 flocks of pedigree Swaledale sheep … Sheuneni Kurasha is a farmer specialising in stud breeding in boran cattle, boer goats and damara sheep, as well as dairy farming. I wouldnt be buying the most expensive least known about sheep in NZ until I had experience with sheep husbandry for a couple of years Temperament is also important to me. It was based on an initial two rams and three ewes, to which other animals from different importations have been added. Coloured sheep may occur in all breeds and some people like to cross breed for certain traits, so the Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders Association of Australia is of interest to some breeders, spinners and weavers - the NSW branch has a website, as does the Vic branch and they have a Facebook page. The Willowbank Farm Miniature Donkey Stud was established in 1976, with the importation of approximately forty donkeys from Australia. They come in a wide range of colours, and most have unique coat patterns. They are excellent mothers and should never require assisted lambing. Pick up from Currency Creek , South Australia. The Damara is a hardy sheep breed from Africa. They have been exported to a number of countries and have done particularly well in Australia. For feedback, kindly get in touch on … Nothing could be further from the truth - as it's YOU that has the problem and not the sheep. They were based on the MAF Bulletin 353 Sheep are smart animals If you try to keep sheep and you don't have decent handling facilities (pens or yards), then you will soon start to hate them and declare that they are stupid animals. Enquiries to Willowbank Farm – www.willowbankfarm.co.nz. Unlike other breeds of sheep, Damaras have not undergone color selection and so come in every color and color combination possible. There has been little regulated or recorded breeding, but recently flocks have registered with the New Zealand Sheepbreeders' Association, which will see the establishment of a sounder genetic base for the breed. 2019 and 2020 drop. Oct 17, 2015 - Many homesteaders raise sheep because they are a cheap investment, have a docile temperament, reproduce quickly, and are fairly self-sufficient animals. Damara ram approx 11months old quite temperament He was part of a flock we brought and believe hes related so need to move him on 5in1 and drenched 4 weeks ..., 1255833458 We have members from Mexico to Northern Canada and have exported to Ecuador, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Chile, and Central America. They are early maturing, and can average a lambing every eight months, with a high proportion of twins. They are excellent foragers and browsers, doing equally as well on poor unimproved pastures, as on good grasses. Have run with alpacas, llamas and pigs and good at pinching food from any of them. A calm temperament with a vigorous appearance is the ideal. By Dr Clive Dalton Set of sheep yards to handle 1500 sheep built at the Whatawhata Hill Country Research Station by Farm Manager Joe McLean in 1980s. They produce a high quality hide that is used in products such as furniture or fashion. If your sheep is unwell, take its temperature rectally, which normally should be 38.3 to 39.9, and if it is elevated call your vet. From these the smallest were selected, and later a tiny jack from English parents was introduced, followed a few years later by a small coloured sire. They have been exported to places such as New Caledonia, and there has been an increasing interest over the last few years. Angora goats as fibre producers are lower maintenance than Merino sheep, not requiring tail docking or mulesing, although they do require shearing twice a year and wigging and crutching at 4 months fibre growth. Temperament is dramatically improved – in general, much quieter weaners. Katahdins have generated a great deal of interest from all parts of North America. Awassi is an extremely hardy breed, with a very calm temperament, used for a range of products to include milk, meat and wool. Enquiries to Willowbank Farm – www.willowbankfarm.co.nz. Far less evidence of ticks, but no obvious change in susceptibility to buffalo fly. Some exotic diseases also cause skin irritation to sheep. legged, good shedding, thick bodied, calm temperament sheep, with most of the good features of damara and improvements in the faults in dorper. In many ways they have the temperament and requirements of goats, without the nuisance factor. The … She is always the first at the fence to talk to me. The polled version has no horns, or has a very small stubs, known as scurs. They can be hardy and adaptable, but prefer dry conditions. We see a huge potential for these sheep genetics in the future of agriculture, and are committed to continuing to develop a flock based on the best of New Zealand's genetics. (14 kg). And the horned version has long and spiral horns, which grow close to the head. Damaras are the ultimate easy care sheep. Once in good numbers throughout their home countries, South Africa and Australia, the Damara now faces extinction through indiscriminate cross breeding. Peronally, if I was new to sheep I would be getting a tried and true breed or cross breed to start to learn about sheep and sheep care. … “The animals’ stable temperament and small size means that the children can take an active part in the day-to-day management of the stud,” says Carina. If you are sick of steak, add some easy care damara, dorper or meatmaster sheep to your enterprise. Cover or fleece. Finally they have a temperament a friend of ours described as “fractious” – the mules of the sheep world. The sheep in New Zealand have been imported as embryos, from various Studs in Australia. Our herd blends South African and Texan genetics in an approximately 3:1 ratio, with a touch of Australian blood. Of interest, as Damaras went into decline from an estimated flock size of 100,000 in Queensland to less than 50,000 and Dorpers increased in favour, Damara cross ewes were and are used as a desirable dam for breeding up programs by many Qld meat sheep producers with outstanding results and high market acceptance of their “meat master” lambs. Damaras are a breed of sheep that migrated down from North Africa, and ended up in Namibia. They can be either polled or horned. Before treating for lice, confirm that they are present and ensure that other possible causes of rubbing have been ruled out. The Dorper is known to be resistant to parasites and diseases which also reduces the need to drench and use treatments for protection. It is named after the region where it was originally found and is a very hardy breed. Katahdin Sheep work very well in a variety of production situations as a low-maintenance, easy care sheep. The Damara sheep is a fat-tailed indigenous sheep breed originating from the Asiatic mouflon (Ovis orientalis or O. gmelini), that has over centuries tracked across Africa from Asia. They have a strong flocking instinct, which makes for ease of handling. The aim was to develop a hardy, fertile, meat sheep with low input costs, suitable for veld grazing systems. They produce a high quality, fat free meat, ranking highly in tenderness and taste tests. Learn about the Barbados blackbelley sheep and how they may be an ideal breed for the small acreage or beginning farmer. Although Damaras have been in New Zealand for a number of years, they are still considered very rare. Inspection by arrangement. The Khoikhoi community are the people who brought the ancestors of Afrikaner sheep breeds into South Africa from the Middle East. The Damara sheep originated with the Himba people of Namibia, and are characterised by their colourful hairy (not wool) coats, fat tails and ability to thrive in … Limited breeding stock are available for sale. Figures Available birth weight figures for single lambs are between 3.7-6.4 kg (average 4.7 kg) and for twin lambs 2.7- 6.0 kg (ave 4 kg). The wool simply falls off the skin and onto the ground where it breaks down into the soil over time. Although they are well suited to arid conditions, they are also found in a range of other habitats ranging from minus 20 degrees of cold and snow in Canada, through to high rainfall tropical forests in New Guinea. Ewes, or female bighorn sheep, typically weigh 30 to 40 percent less than the rams, according to the National Bighorn Sheep Cen… Finally, the first 4-Horn sheep in Australia! Represented by the symbol H. The ideal is a short, loose, light covering of hair and wool with wool predominating on fore quarter and … Meatmaster Sheep. These are the result of an embryo importation program which began in 2008. Dorpers are known as a low maintenance, easy care breed which can adapt easily to a variety of conditions, are non-selective graziers and are one of the only breeds that thrive in harsh conditions. The Meatmaster sheep is another South African-developed meat breed, bred from the Damara, Dorper, Van Rooy and Ile de France breeds. Damaras are the ultimate easy care sheep. They produce a high return of meat per hectare. About the Awassi breed. Cassie is our leading Damara lady; she shows her age a little but still produces fantastic lambs. American Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society PO Box 259 Hallsville, MO 65255-0259 Telephone: 573-696-2550 Fax: 573-696-2030 E-mail: [email protected] Body lice (Bovicola ovis) infestation can occur on fleece-shedding and haired sheep, causing irritation and rubbing. They are quite resistant to most sheep diseases and parasites, in fact, most farmers who farm them say they most every have to deworm their sheep … Rams are typically 5 to 6 feet tall (1.5 to 1.8 meters) from head to tail, and weigh 262 to 280 lbs. The most impressive thing about the Damara is not one thing, but the combination of such a large number of factors being found in one breed. (136 kg). Damara; African 4-Horn; African 4-Horn Sheep.

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