Train your dog to use the litter box


To make the dog understand that he must use the dog proof litter box, a piece of paper can be impregnated with his feces or urine and placed inside; from there, every time you relieve yourself inside, there will be the use of positive reinforcement and rewarding.

Basic Tips for Caring for Puppies


A dog at all stages of its life needs specific care, but that care should be more special and concrete when the animal is a puppy. The reason is that this puppy needs to develop properly to reach adulthood in an appropriate manner and, to do this, it is necessary that the little one has […]

The first signs of mange in dogs


Avoid contact with stray animals and maintain proper hygiene are key factors to prevent disease. Article by Bishonen Works reviews site.

Importance of antioxidants in dog food


Antioxidants in the dog food are additives that preserve the product; natural antioxidants provide numerous benefits to the health of your pet. The role of antioxidants in dog food is not always clear. In principle, we can say that thanks to these components in your dog’s food, the product achieves its conservation. It is easy […]

What are the most energetic breeds of dogs


When buying a dog should consider the type of relationship that is intended to have and the amount of free time to be devoted. Active people who won’t even exercise with your pet will have to opt for stronger breeds dogs. Among the most dynamic dogs, there are a variety of sizes and characters. In […]

6 errors when brushing the teeth of dogs: how to avoid them?


Teeth with cavities, sore gums, and bad breath are just normal or acceptable for dogs than for people. Rigor is the accent mark that canine dental problems should never be something that the owners accept or ignore. It is known that brush the dogs’ teeth properly, and does it regularly can prevent health problems arise. […]

Spirulina health of dogs: 5 Benefits


The benefits of spirulina health of dogs are more contrasted, and that helps prevent disease. Knowing the properties that have spirulina health of dogs is necessary to decide whether to introduce it in your diet or not. In this article, we will see what the main benefits you enjoy your dog with this food supplement […]

Health benefits of red beet dogs


There are plenty of foods that are cooked and properly administered, are great allies of the health of our pets. Some vegetables are highly beneficial for your dog, such as red beets. Do not miss what comes next if you want to know how it benefits your pet. Curiosities of red beets This plant is […]

Malassezia dermatitis in dogs


The fungus is known as Malassezia in dogs, although living skin usually can cause various disorders. The disease of which we speak today is peculiar because it is caused by a microorganism that lives on the skin regularly. When specific changes occur, Malassezia in dogs becomes a fungal pathogen, causing dermatitis and other disorders. The […]

Symptoms of sarcoptic mange in dogs


Sarcoptic mange in dogs is a well-known disease but usually misdiagnosed. This condition is caused by a mite called Sarcoptes scabiei, which is transmitted by direct contact between animals. In addition, it is a zoonotic disease, so it could easily spread to humans. The mite lives in the superficial layers of the epidermis of the […]