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Cane Corso Breeder Ohio Cane Corso Breeder Ohio Cane Corso Breeder Ohio
Cane Corso Breeder Ohio Cane Corso Breeder Ohio Cane Corso Breeder Ohio
Cane Corso Breeder Ohio Cane Corso Breeder Ohio Cane Corso Breeder Ohio Cane Corso Breeder Ohio
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Please Enjoy These Photos Of Our Extended Family







Jim & Kristeen

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Dominic is doing GREAT! He and Gina are becoming quite social around town and recently brought many smiles out at a local cruise the gut car show. Dominic made a handicapped woman's day when he sat down with her and let her pet him for a good five minutes. I didn't even have to prompt him. She was so exited, I thought she was going to cry. She said no one ever let's her pet their dog. I told her thanks for petting him because he's such a love hog that I can't hardly keep up. It made me so happy to have such wonderful, well behaved and intuitive dogs. It was like he knew she needed a friend....what a good boy! Just wanted to say thanks again for such a special and fantastic boy

Tamara H.

Kristeen & Jim,

First of all, let me thank you again for giving us such a great girl. She is so smart and beautiful.   She turns heads every time we are out and about with her. We love her so much.   She really has made us very happy. She just completed her fourth training class yesterday.   She has eight classes total for puppy training and then she moves on to intermediate.She is the teacher’s pet and is very good in class….. At home, it’s a slightly different story – but what puppy isn’t mischievous. She loves her big brother, even though he seems to not care much for the puppy play – this doesn’t bother her at all!   She keeps trying! We had a socializing party for her two weekends ago, everyone had to bring their dog or toddler, so that she was use to being around all the different dogs and small children. She slept for two days after this gathering.   Again, thank you for giving us a wonderful addition to our family.

Cara & Damion

 Hello hope All is well
So so sorry I have not checked In sooner... Let me start by saying Sydney has been an absolute dream... I never thought I could love a dog more than my last dog . she is an perfect specimen!!! As of last week she was 65.8 lbs!!! I can't walk her anywhere without being stopped by random people telling me how gorgeous she is!!! As far as socialization is going it cannot b better!!! My two nephews (1 &2) love her and she is so gentle!!!!! It's like she knows they are babies!!! But at the same time when I get home from the police dept. at 2am she stands kitchen and growls at me until she knows it's me protecting Kelly!!  I love that she is able to watch her when I'm not home! She is so playful and it is crazy how smart she is!!!! I laugh every day I'm with her. She has made us so happy. It's a testament to what good breeders u are!!!!! I would recommend u to anyone looking for a corso pup!! I can't even tell u how happy we are!! All that being said it s like we have a 70 pound lap dog such a cuddlier!!! Please send me your address so I can send u pics and a cars package.  Hope all is well

Thank you
Don L.

 Hi kristeen.

I just wanted to let you know that we made it home safe and sound. Baby girl was amazing, she didn't even cry when she went to bed;) We took her to the vet just to have them check her and to have her on file, and let me tell you that he was extremely impressed. Said she is the most healthy beautiful Corso pupy he had ever seen. He was also very impressed with the stitching in her ears. The girls are in love, little freaked out by the stitches but they just can't get enough. We are still debating her name but we will make that decision before bed. I will never be able to thank you enough. She is absolutely what I was looking for and so very much more.

Thank you so much!

Beth N. & Family

Jim & Kristeen

Everything is great we made it around 3 am last night! We decided to give her a different name that we thought fit better. We are calling her Gretta.  Also just got back from vet today. He said she looked great and healthy.  I just am so grateful for this baby!! She is so well behaved and great at potty training!!!  You have done an amazing job,  she is such a well balanced puppy.

Talk to ya soon

Melissa S.


Just wanted to let you know how much of a delight Lola is as a member of my family! hope all is well!! Thank you so much again for letting her be an amazing addition to my life!

Ashley J and Family


Bruin is doing really well. I call him my "soul dog". I have never been so attached in my life. As I type this it is one-handed because he is sitting on my lap and half of my torso. There is something about his eyes that makes me melt. He finished his puppy class this Monday.  He did so well!  He is a huge fan of the agility course (at least we know he is confident). Bruin has honestly exceeded my already enormous expectations for the breed (ten years is a long time to dream up the perfect dog).  He is more than I ever could have asked for.

Thank you again!
Marie & Steve

Jim & Kristeen,

Things are going very smoothly. She is so smart and so easy to potty train. Everyone loves her and our kids adore her. She is perfect perfect perfect absolutely made for us!
Shannon P. and Family


 Just a quick note about Kane. He has become (4 years old) the perfect pet. Just a totally lovable guy; perfect house dog (except for the shed and drool!). Everyone loves him (except for the drool!). Still an exceptional temperament - I understand why only experienced owners should have one - and I now consider myself 'experienced'! I take him to Francis Kennels when he can't stay home - they love him and he them. He struts right into their lobby with pups and cats roaming loose; looks around, sniffs around, wagging his butt. Runs up to staff to be rubbed and patted and squeezed. I still stay tuned into him when around strangers who do not know how to deal with strange dogs, but he has been great. Even with little guys - but, they need to be monitored, also. It's being a great experience.
He is a beaut! Gets so much attention. AND he is a very good boy.  Many new experiences for him. People, animals, noises. And Bonnie's 9 year old grandson was walking him with ease.
I would not recommend the breed to everyone, but anyone up to the challenge would have a great dog! I just love him.

John V.

Jim & Kristeen,

Thor is doing great, and he's practically housebroken! He ran to the door when he needed to go #2 this evening. He's also doing well on the leash around the house. He's so cute, trying to assert his dominance lol. The kids are learning a lot about pack behavior! We are enjoying him so much! Oh, and I put him in a show stance and he held it for a bit after I took my hands away....I think he'll be a natural ;)
Jeff & Jen Y.

Hi Jim & Kristeen:
I just wanted to write to you and tell you how great it is to have Dom. He and Gina are best friends and we are so glad to have him in our home. He is very smart and doing well with potty training despite the snow (which he loves even though he is not a big fan of the cold). The doggie day care classes did him some good, but I think that getting him out in public has been the best training. He is learning to trust us and to know that we would never put him in a situation of danger. Gina is very helpful in teaching him how to be good and she is continually re-directing his attention when he tries to do something naughty. I am so glad that we have Gina to help and that Dom follows her lead with very little resistance. Thank you again for all of your guidance,  and I hope that all  the puppies are doing well!
Scott, Tamara & Family
Gina, Dom, Boxer & Caine (The Wright Dog's)

Hey, We just figured we'd let you know that Luka's done surprisingly well with his transition. He definitely loves to eat and sleep! The first vet appointment went really well! They said he was a very healthy puppy, his ears looked good and that his growth plates were huge :) He weighs 21lbs already! We'll send some good pictures of his growth soon. Thanks for the bundle of joy!

Paul & Christine
Jim & Kristeen,
Just wanted to let you know how things are going... The ride home was great. He slept most of the way and I have to say, it was hard not to hold him when he whined a little.  He did really well with no accidents last night and made thru from 11 to 6 without a potty break. we just got home a little bit ago and trying to settle in. He really did just transition right into the family though. WE seriously love him

Hi Kristeen & Jim,

We wanted to send you some updated pictures of this beautiful boy!!  We couldn't be happier with him.  He is taking his puppy classes and mingling with lots of dogs and people.   He is a little over 30 pounds right now and seems to grow daily!!  :)  We will keep you posted on his progress. Thank you so much for answering all our questions, and producing stable and healthy dogs... your dedication to this breed is evident.


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